Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Science Congress 21 Feb 2012 Student Poster Presentations

During the congress there were many students with splendid projects that were being showcased to us. I walked through most of the projects and stopped at some to get more details. This is on four posters that I saw and was interested in.

Poster 1

Antimicrobial biofilm formation by Acinetobacter baumannii

By_Lim Yanqing Esther Candice, Lee Huiwen, Shermaine Nah, and Chua Kim Lee

This group’s research plans to help in removing biofilm formation caused by bacteria growth on surfaces especially in the hospital. This will help in the sterilization process to make sure the patients are safe from bacteria reinfecting them. This is a research i see would boost the cleanliness of our hospitals but it would be better if the product could be used in a wider range like at homes. Another use i see for the product would be in the lavatories to keep equipments clean from any bacterial growth. In the end there should still be research on how safe the product is for actual use and whether it would harm humans especially children in any way.

Poster 2

The Study of Sericin as a natural adhesive

By_Yeow Li Teng Cheryl, Lee Wen Sin, Tay Kai Lin Hilda, and Willy Tan

Glue is something that can stick together almost anything and has help us in many ways. However in some extreme cases the glue looses it adhesiveness. The group plans to prove that Sericin is an extremely good prod

uct to be made into glue even contaminated. The glue is tested to withstan

d high UV light radiations where most glues would already have given way and even high temperatures. I see space glue for the future coming its way. However the uses of the glue are not properly stated on the poster and it seems that if the uses are available it would provide more information to the reader. Futher research could be done to find out if sericin can still act as an adhesive underwater as it can on dry land. Making a glue for water use would be useful for boats.

Poster 3

Wearable Devices for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

By_Ng Jing Yi Sheena, Ruthanne Toh Yun Xuan

This research just reminded me of the Elderly Challenge we did during Sec 1, although it is meant for patients with Parkinson’s disease. The device is worn and measures the movement of a patient with Parkinson’s disease to see if there are any improvements at all. This could help doctors to know the recovery of patients and the best approach to the patient. This seems to be a good idea but the device could even be put to more uses such as for the elderly to help them monitor their movements and see if the daily exercise required is met or to monitor the movements of criminals. The device could also become even more micro and thinner as it would help more. There can be improvements on the device that would make it better and add more features.

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