Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Issue that is Cancer

Cancer, I am sure you have heard of it and all the terrible things it can do to us. The most frightening thing about it however is that anybody could get it even if you or your family never had a history with cancer. In its early stages it is hard to detect and when detected in its later stages your survival rate would have dropped to around 20%.

There are several researches being done on the cure for cancer and some have been great successes that saved many lives. When curing a patient the doctor would want the patient to preserve both their form and functions while being cured and after the cure. Therefore, more research is done towards detecting cancer at their early stages and improving survival rates of patients at the later stages. To obtain a successful result in this field of research networking becomes the key to gather information and statistics.

Questions on how cancer exists in our body while escaping our immune system, how different are they from normal cells and how they can grow back after therapeutic treatments are being answered but more questions are still being made. To answer these questions and for other types of diseases biomedicine will become a main key and the demand for the field will increase in time. Biomedical research is mentally simulating as it requires a person to solve the puzzle of a disease such as cancer and is emotionally satisfying as the results could save countless lives.

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